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Dear Participants,

sincerely apologize for all the confusion with the emails and the links to submit your registration fee. My business email provider failed me! 

With that you may forgo your entry fee or should you wish, you may write a check made out to Solid Rock Teen Centers to the show on Saturday. 

The following is important for you to read before you arrive for the show. 

tI is with great enthusiasm that I welcome each of you to the Camelback Motor Show — Roaring Twenties.


We have an exceptional display of cars for this event, thanks to you! I am looking forward to meeting each of you on October 17. 


The following is very important information for you in preparation for the show:



Saturday, October 17, 2020



2:00PM to 5:00PM — Cars must be in place on the lawn no later than 2:30PM. IMPORTANT - Should you run late due to car trouble please call or text my cell at 480.528.5914. In addition, no one will be allowed to leave the show until the filming has been completed. The filming will start at 3:00PM sharp and is expected to be completed by 4:30PM.



This show is closed to the public and no one other than those specifically invited by Camelback Motor Show are allowed on the premises. Paradise Valley Police will be on-site to manage any and all unauthorized attendees. Every entrant is allowed only one guest. Due to COVID restrictions, this will be strictly enforced. 


The address for the show is Camelback Bible Church, 3900 E. Stanford Dr., Paradise Valley, AZ 85253 (across from Phoenix Country Day School). Please enter the property at the eastern most entrance. All other entrances to the property will be blocked. 


When you arrive, you will be directed to a ramp that will take you onto the lawn. Follow all directions as given. Please remember this property does not belong to us and has been graciously made available at no cost or obligation by Camelback Bible Church. You may wish to bring a chair to sit in as you wait for your interview. During filming you may be asked to move as anyone in the background will be distracting to our audience. 


Again, please do not pass the address or event details along to anyone. Should you have questions, please call, text or email me at: 480.528.5914 or



Everyone must follow the Town of Paradise Valley and City of Phoenix COVID gathering guidelines. This includes but is not limited to social distancing and the wearing of masks while attending the show and on Camelback Bible Church property. Should you feel ill, have recently been sick, or have a fever on the day of the show, it is requested that you do not attend. Should you have any questions, please email 



Preparing for your interview is the most critical aspect of this show. It will be important for you to make your car come to life for our viewers on YouTube. While your car will be filmed inside and out, we need you to tell a brief story of: 1) something unique about your car, such as prestigious awards or other notable recognition, 2) how and when you acquired your car and 3) something that attracted you to the car. You will have exactly two minutes to give your verbal presentation on your vehicle. 


If you had two entries and both were chosen for the show, you will be giving two back-to-back interviews on each car — again, two minutes per car. 


If you are not comfortable talking to a camera or with public speaking in general, I will be there to encourage you through the process. However, if you love to be on camera and in the public spotlight, I will also be there to hold you to your time limit of two minutes. 


NOTE: Absolutely no form of advertising will be permitted during the show/interview or while on Camelback Bible Church property. Anyone failing to follow these guidelines will be immediately disqualified from the show. 



If you have brought a guest and or helper with you, he or she will not be permitted to be on camera during the interview. Please decide in advance who will be presenting the car to the audience.


Please note: This show is not live and will air on the Camelback Motor Show YouTube channel, and Hagerty Facebook page Sunday, November 1, 2020.



Business casual preferred, golf attire acceptable — collared shirts required 



As previously announced, the winners will be chosen by Alice Cooper. While Alice will not be on location, he will receive photos of each car and choose three winners. The winning categories are Best of Show, 2nd Place and 3rd Place. Each winner will receive an award for his or her particular category. The Best of Show winner will be awarded the Camelback Motor Show Crystal Award, the Alice Cooper Best of the Best Award, Griot's Garage premium car care kit and a Drivers Club Pass form Hagerty. The 2nd Place winner will receive Griot's Garage car care kit, a Drivers Club Pass from Hagerty and a Camelback Motor Show ribbon. The 3rd Place winner will receive a Griot's Garage car care kit, Drivers Club Pass from Hagerty and a Camelback Motor Show ribbon.



The show will be available to the public via the Camelback Motor Show YouTube channel on Sunday, November 1, 2020 at 12:00PM. Hagerty will also be linking to the show from their Facebook page. A link to the Camelback Motor Show YouTube channel will be emailed to you following the show.

Thank you again for registering for the Camelback Motor Show — Roaring Twenties, and I look forward to meeting each of you. 


Kind regards, 

West Kenyon

Camelback Motor Show

Cars & Community

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